2020 Courtesy Resolutions

By The Parliamentary Team


Whereas, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind, for the first time in its history, to forego its annual conference at a physical location and held a virtual conference, where peers connected remotely from widely separate geographic locations, requiring the installation of new technologies and the implementation of new protocols…


Now, therefore be it resolved by the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind, during its virtual conference, on the 24th day of October 2020, that:

PCB, with heartfelt thanks, appreciates and recognizes

Christina Heintzelman for not only her years of good and faithful service, but also for extending her tour of duty with PCB to the end of October so she could provide invaluable service to the Conference.


Debbie Hazelton, Jeff Bishop, Rick Morin, and Jason Castonguay of ACB and Donna Brown, of West Virginia, for their tireless work to ensure that the virtual conference ran as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Claire Stanley for her words of wisdom and encouragement.


Mark Harrison, Gigi Lewis, and Desmond Johnson from Netflix; Daniel Kocmarek and Alina Tarkhanian from Amazon; and Mirka Pavlikova, David Andreassen, and Estella Moreno from Disney, for facilitating the showing of three audio-described movies.

Janet Dickelman, Joel Snyder (Audio Description Associates), and Michele Hartley, Amber Kodges, and Chad Beale from the National Park Service, for facilitating the very edifying and entertaining virtual tours.


PCB salutes these fine people for helping to make the 2020 virtual conference truly realize its theme of Bridging the Distance.

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