2019 Wrap-up: A PAGDUS Holiday Edition

By Rose Martin PAGDUS President

The last quarter of 2019 was a barking success for Pennsylvania Guide Dog Users and Supporters (PAGDUS). In October, we met via conference call for our usual bimonthly meeting, plus a bonus meeting in person during the 2019 PCB conference.

The discussion portion of our October conference call centered around emergency preparedness and formulating a plan for emergencies, evacuation or disaster that includes our guide dogs. Becky Barnes Davidson, Manager of Consumer Outreach and Graduate Support at Guiding Eyes for the Blind, joined us to share valuable ideas and resources and answered many of our questions. This discussion was enlightening and may lead to future PAGDUS advocacy projects.

During the 2019 PCB conference held in Harrisburg, we received our official charter recognizing us as the newest chapter of PCB. We also held a breakfast meeting at the hotel restaurant on Saturday morning which was open to both PAGDUS and PCB members. We shared a cozy corner of the restaurant with our guides and canes and exchanged stories and ideas for our growing chapter. It was a refreshing start to SPARK Saturday.

Our last meeting of 2019 will be held at 7:15 PM ET on Wednesday, December 11. The business portion of our meeting will include conducting elections and discussing plans leading into 2020. The nominating committee has put forth the following names for election: Rose Martin for president (2-year term), Mike Gravitt for vice president (2-year term) and Will Grignon for recording secretary (1-year term). The discussion topic of our December meeting will be our most embarrassing moments with our guide dogs. We’ll share laughs and stories, perfect for the holiday season. To join us, dial 605-313-4802, pass code 985255#.

As we near the end of 2019, PAGDUS would like to thank our PCB peers for your support during our first year, and extent best wishes during the holiday season. We’re grateful for our members and friends, both human and canine, and look forward to growing in the years to come. While we’re discussing the new year, it’s time to send your dues for 2020; you can send dues to the PCB office. For those who want to make PAGDUS their primary PCB chapter, dues are $12 annually. If you have already paid another chapter’s or PCB at-large dues, it’s only an additional $2 to also join PAGDUS. Membership is not only open to guide dog users, but those who support or are interested in guide dogs. We also welcome all dogs and humans, not just those living in Pennsylvania.

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