2018 Fund Development Activities and Beyond

By George Holliday, Team Leader

Another great year is soon to be over, and the PCB Fund Development Team is reviewing 2018 projects and looking forward to another great year in 2019.

If you were at the state conference, you probably heard me briefly discussed current projects such as the car donation program, the room-rate 50/50, the calendar raffle, the annual auction, the Monthly Monetary Support program and PCB conference donations. Over the Past several years, PCB has depended on these revenue funding resources, however, some of those revenue streams have dwindled. Currently, there are no thoughts of discontinuing any projects, but we are exploring additional options

The team has begun to explore two additional fund development options: The Grant Writing Program and the PCB Planned Giving Program. Both projects will take some time and work to develop, but we have to start somewhere.

It takes time to put together grants, but they can be very beneficial. One important piece when writing grants is to include the organization’s volunteer hours. Grantors like to know the number of hours involved. So, the PCB teams are asked to track their volunteer hours. Every member volunteering on a team should track his or her hours and report them back to the team’s leader. At this time, a volunteer hour is worth $24.14 as per the Internal Revenue Service. So, if a team tracks 100 volunteer hours, it is valued at $2,414 in in-kind support of our work. This looks great when writing grants because we demonstrate that our members are putting a lot of resources into the organization, and so should the grantor.

This holiday season let your friends and family know how they can give the Gift of Independence and Opportunity through the PCB Planned Giving Program. The PCB Planned Giving Program includes different ways of gifting to PCB. These gifts will assist in helping make the world a better place for people experiencing vision loss. A Planned Gift to PCB creates a legacy. It will assist PCB in meeting its mission and goals such as: funding advocacy efforts, developing scholarships, providing convention attendee subsidies and more.

Some of the ways to make a charitable contribution are:
1. Gifts of Cash
2. Bequests
3. Designate a specific amount, a percentage of your total estate or a share of the remainder after gifts to your heirs.
4. Gifts through Living Trusts
5. Gifts of Real Estate
6. Gifts of Life Insurance
7. Gifts of Retirement Plans
8. Gifts of Securities

In Closing, on behalf of the PCB Fund Development Team, I wish you a happy holiday season. If you have any suggestions for the team or would like to join the team you can contact me at george.holliday@comcast.net or 215-796-9813.

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