2018 AccessiDocs Report

By the AccessiDocs Team

In 2018 the AccessiDocs team produced accessible Daisy3 versions of the following documents: four editions of The PCB Advocate, Welcome to NVDA 2018 by Joseph Lee, Lehigh Valley Resource Guide for Seniors, PCB’s Getting to Know Us guide, the 2018 PCB Conference Information Packet, and the 2018 PCB Conference information book.

During the last year the AccessiDocs project became a team effort, with PCB members Marty Mathews and Ed Facemyer joining the Accessidocs team. As a team, we’ve been embarked on training sessions and we’ve worked as a team in the production of The PCB Advocate audio editions. All of us on the team know there is quite a bit to learn in this ever-changing environment of digital reproduction.

Also, during the last year, the AccessiDocs project has been promoted through articles discussing the concept of the service in The PCB Advocate of course, but also in the ACB Braille Forum, and the latest edition of the newsletter of the Center for Vision Loss in the Lehigh Valley. In addition, our president has designed and brought online the AccessiDocs.com website which will require additional development and monitoring as a further promotion of the service. Looking forward, the future of the AccessiDocs service will depend on the further recruitment of volunteer workers and more importantly, a marketing strategy for the service and the formation of a marketing team.

I will conclude this report with a question and a plea to our membership. How many of you within our membership believe in the AccessiDocs service and feel the provision of documents in an accessible audio format is worthy of PCB’s investment of time and resources? As an example, if those of you who receive The PCB Advocate in a Daisy3 audio format feel it important to you, then the PCB leadership needs to hear from you in one form or another. If you believe that furthering the development of a service to produce navigable audio documents is worthwhile, then consider referring local government entities, transit authorities, agencies, and organizations in your area to PCB, requesting that they make their documents accessible to you. If you have computer skills or any experience in marketing, or web design, then consider joining the AccessiDocs team. Whether referring AccessiDocs, volunteering your service, or requesting further information, contact Tony Swartz at tbswartz@ptd.net, or write to leadership@pcb1.org. Through your referrals and support You can have a significant impact on the future of the AccessiDocs project.

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