2017 PCB Leadership Work Teams

Each month, teams of members from across the state meet to work toward achieving PCB’s goals and mission. These leadership work teams each focus on an area of advocacy or administration. Monthly meetings are conducted via teleconference so that all can participate from the comfort of home. The success of these teams relies on a mix of individuals with varying skill levels and experience. All who wish to participate are welcomed and appreciated.

Please consider the following list of teams and responsibility areas for 2017. If you have practical experience in a certain area or if you just have an interest in learning how you can help, please reach out to either the team’s leader or President Lichtenfels at 412-480-9696 or leadership@pcb1.org. Even if you are unsure where and how you could fit in, please reach out.

Advocacy & Governmental Affairs
Team Leader: John Horst jhorst@pcb1.org or 717-367-6346 and Joe Wassermann j.wassermann@verizon.net or 412-687-5166
* Set PCB’s public policy agenda
* Monitor legislation at the federal, state and (when possible) local levels for relevance to people with vision loss
* Develop organizational strategies for accomplishing advocacy initiatives such as writing and distributing organizational position statements, corresponding with officials and stakeholders, submitting letters to the editor of the state’s major newspapers, and coordinating call-in days
* Conduct activities to inform and train PCB’s advocates
* Identify and target auxiliary bases of advocates
* Prepare and deliver a “State of Advocacy” report to the assembled convention
* Create content and work with the Communications Team in producing at least one annual episode of TAP “Talking Advocacy Podcast”

Team Leader: Sue Lichtenfels leadership@pcb1.org or 412-429-1727
* Oversee TheReImage project
* Update and maintain PCB’s digital media presence including pcb1.org, Facebook and Twitter
* Review, edit, and approve all external communications including flyers, press releases, brochures, etc.
* Supervise publication of The PCB Advocate
* Determine and maintain content of the Philmore Announce line
* Collaborate with the Conference Program and Planning Team to archive and/or stream the conference program
* Produce episodes of TAP, “Talking Advocacy Podcast” in consultation with other teams

Conference Program and Planning
Team Leader: Thomas Reid
treid99@gmail.com or 570-328-0545
* Plan and oversee the conduct of the organization’s annual state conference
* Accept and evaluate proposals for conference presentations and activities
* Develop the conference program
* Evaluate, recommend to the membership, and organize conference hotel and related facilities
* Produce conference-related promotional strategies and materials
* When appropriate communicate and participate with host chapters in the preparation of training events, volunteer recruitment, and planning, and conduct of auxiliary conference activities
* Develop and implement post-conference feedback including a survey tool
* Collaborate with the Communications Team to archive and/or stream the conference program
* It is expected and assumed that all members of the Conference Team will be in attendance at the conference to offer their assistance and carry out their assigned responsibilities.

Education and Employment
Team Leader: Christine Hunsinger
Cs.hunsinger@verizon.net or 412-881-9328
* Consider and promote strategies and programs providing greater opportunity for the education, training, and employment of individuals with vision loss
* Plan and conduct activities and seminars intended to communicate and develop education and employment opportunities for people with vision loss
* Evaluate and recommend to the Advocacy and Governmental Affairs Team education and employment-related legislative initiatives which would benefit the visually impaired population
* Prepare materials for publication discussing aspects related to education and employment of individuals with vision loss.
* Create content and work with the Communications Team in producing at least one annual episode of TAP “Talking Advocacy Podcast”

Team Leader: Michael Zaken michael.zaken@verizon.net or 412-655-1234
* Develop the organization’s annual budget for approval by the assembled convention
* Determine mechanisms for and tracking of in-kind financial and volunteer donations
* Oversee and make recommendations to the investment policy
* Monitor the preparation and submission of the organization’s 990
* Oversee the expenditure of the organization’s funds
* Negotiate administrative contracts such as insurance coverage, property rental agreements, maintenance/service contracts, etc.

Fund Development
Team Leader: Scott Stauffer sstauffer@visioncorps.net or 717-205-4135
* Coordinate and promote all PCB fundraising projects such as calendar raffle, live auction, and 50/50 room-rate raffle
* Develop sponsorship opportunities to underwrite events/activities
* Negotiate vendor relationships for sale of PCB merchandise
* Develop new product/service avenues for increased fund raising

Information Access
Team Leader: Lisa Salinger
lisasali@ptd.net or 570-947-7801
* Advocate for the accessibility of all modes of communication and information sharing which may include: paper documents and forms, books and periodicals, hard copy and online billing and account services, email attachments, public signage, audio described content in various venues, web content in general, and indoor navigation systems.
* Educate information providers on strategies for making their communication accessible via various alternative formats
* Promote Braille literacy as vital to the education and rehabilitation processes
* Assist PCB in the creation of accessibly formatted materials for its current and future members
* Create content and work with the Communications Team in producing at least one annual episode of TAP “Talking Advocacy Podcast”

Membership Development
Team Leader: Mary Ann Grignon maryanna0407@gmail.com or 570-807-1276
* Develop and implement strategies to recruit new members from historically untapped groups
* Carry out all efforts related to the retention of current members
* Identify individuals and process for member liaisons to introduce new members to all that PCB and ACB have to offer
* Coordinate chapter development and revitalization efforts
* Coordinate member-related activities at the annual conference including the scholarship program and first-timer recognition

Organizational Development
Team Leader: Sherri Crum sssmiley77@gmail.com or 412-732-2769
* Review operation and administration of the organization and implement alternative methods to become more efficient, effective, productive, frugal, etc.
* Work toward the written documentation of all procedures, policies, committee functions, job responsibilities, etc.
* Develop/Maintain leadership and membership handbooks and chapter development resources
* Develop strategic alliances with other organizations
* Establish/build stakeholder database (professionals, agencies, doctors, schools, vendors, families, etc.)
* Develop strategic plan and monitor implementation

Team Leader: Carla Hayes
lengual@verizon.net or 724-941-8184
* Annually review the PCB bylaws for potential amendments and seek feedback from the membership
* Present suggested bylaw amendments to the board of directors, the general membership via multiple communication methods, and the assembled convention
* Incorporate all approved amendments to the bylaws and distribute the revised document
* Receive, review, and archive chapter/affiliate bylaws
* Provide technical assistance to chapters/affiliates in the development of governance documents
* Receive and draft resolutions to be voted on by the assembled convention
* Monitor all resolved actions to insure follow-through
* Advise on appropriate parliamentary procedure during the conduct of convention business

Technology Access
Team Leader: Joe Fagnani joefagnani@atlanticbb.net or 814-940-0270
* Advocate for built-in accessible design of all future technology products and whenever possible, for the accessible redesign of current technology which may include mainstream computer software and hardware, assistive programs and devices, online social and educational platforms, website development and functionality, smart phone apps, household appliances, and consumer electronics.
* Act as technology advisor for PCB and its Leadership Teams
* Offer usability/accessibility reviews of technology products in The PCB Advocate
* Promote technology related training opportunities, discussions, and presentations for Pennsylvanians with vision loss.
* Create content for and work with the Communications Team in producing at least one annual episode of TAP “Talking Advocacy Podcast”

Vision Loss Resource
Team Leader: Jule Ann Lieberman
juleannl@comcast.net or 610-688-6517
* Design and implement outreach strategies to reach individuals and families experiencing vision loss
* Conduct activities/events that emphasize peer support and information sharing i.e. mentoring opportunities, discussion calls, and informative telenars
* Develop and maintain a comprehensive list of PA vision loss resources including PAB’s, VA’s, Low Vision Specialists, IU’s, PCB chapters, CIL’s, BBVS offices, AT providers, blindness product suppliers, and other vision loss related entities serving PA residence
* Establish PCB as the leading organization in PA for providing vision loss resources (PA Vision Loss Network) by publicizing our toll free number as a resource hotline
* Assist chapters/regions in developing vision symposiums/seminars of interest to members and persons new to vision loss
* In consultation with the Conference Program and Planning Team, develop programming/activities at the annual conference designed to attract and assist individuals new to vision loss

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