2017 PCB Dart Challenge

By George Holliday

Hello dart enthusiasts! Over the past three years, PCB has hosted a dart tournament during the state Conference. While it has gone relatively well for the most part, folks have taken the time to express some disappointment. It was great for those winning, but for those just beginning, it was difficult to truly appreciate the experience.

With this valuable feedback in mind, we are going to revamp the event. Starting this year, we will call the event, “LUCK OF THE DRAW”. All dart throwers will be divided into two groups: experienced and novice. One person from each group will be randomly selected to form two-person teams. We hope these changes will keep folks engaged longer, thus increasing the amount of fun to be had.
The event will take place Friday, October 27, from 9:00 AM to noon. For the first hour, we will hold a clinic where the rules will be discussed, demonstrations offered, and practice time permitted. Teams will be determined that morning. The goal is to begin the competition by 10 a.m.

The cost of the event is still $5 per person. So, be sure to check off the dart event when registering for the conference. Let’s get together for some fun and competition. See you at the toeboard.

If you have any questions, contact either Bob Lichtenfels at 412-596-2682 or George Holliday at 215-796-9813.

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