2014 Hotel Description – Holiday Inn Downtown Johnstown

Basic hotel directions to Lobby


The hotel’s main entrance is located in the south wall of the hotel and consists of an outer door followed within ten feet by an inner door. Note that both doors are automatic, and will open as you approach them.


Locating the Hotel Front Desk


Once having entered the innermost door of the hotel, immediately turn to the right, east, and walk forward fifteen feet across a tiled surface to reach a carpeted area. Several feet from the edge of the carpeting, a gently sloping ramp 37 feet in length leads down to the lower level of the lobby. From the bottom of the ramp, Walk forward another 44 feet, turn to the right, south, and walk forward about two steps to approach the hotel front desk.


Locating the lobby elevators:


When facing the front desk, turn 180 degrees and with your back to the hotel front desk, walk forward, north, 20 feet then turn to the right, east. The set of elevators are located about 15 feet directly ahead in the east wall of the lobby.


Locating the Meeting rooms


When exiting the elevators, walk forward, west, through the lobby for 28 feet and turn right, north, to enter the meeting room hallway. Walking forward, north, down the hall, 25 feet, the entrance to the Napa Room will be on the left, west. The doorway consists of two sets of double doors. 23 feet further down the hall on the left is a second set of double doors which is the entrance into the Sonoma Salon which adjoins the Napa room. The Vendors’ hall will be located in this adjoined set of rooms.


On the right side of the meeting room hallway 35 feet from its beginning is the entrance to the Tuscany room. Twenty feet beyond this entrance is the entrance to the Piedmont Salon which can also adjoin the Tuscany.


Locating the Crown Ballroom


Exiting the elevators, walk 78 feet forward, west, across the lobby to the bottom of a wide 5 step stairway which divides the upper and lower areas of the lobby. At the top of the stairway, continue to walk forward, west, 14 feet. The entrance to the Crown Ballroom which consists of 2 sets of double doors will be located to your right in the north wall of the lobby. Note that the steps may be avoided by making use of the ramp which is located along the south wall of the lobby.


Locating the Rest rooms near the ballroom


As you leave the ballroom, turn to the right, west, and walk forward 33 feet. Reaching the west wall of the lobby, the ladies room door will be located on the right, north wall of the lobby, and the door to the men’s room is located to the left, south, 8 feet across from the ladies room door.


Locating the Restaurant


Exiting the elevators, turn to the right, north, and walk forward 60 feet to the doorway of the restaurant. Please Wait to be seated by a member of the wait staff.


Locating the Market Street Entrance


Exiting the elevators, turn right, north, walk forward 12 feet, turn again to the right, east, into the Market Street entrance hall and staying to the right side of the hall, walk 20 feet forward to the entrance consisting of an inner door followed within 7 feet by an outer door. Once you have exited the outer door, continue to walk forward 14 feet to reach the side walk.


Locating the Guide Dog Relief Area


Exiting the lobby door from the south wall of the lobby, turn right and walk west 100 feet across the parking lot. As you reach the dog relief area, you will feel The macadam slope down. Walk several paces forward to reach a curb, Step up on to the curb and cross a narrow sidewalk. Beyond the

3 foot sidewalk is a grassy area which stretches left to right, the relief area. A trash receptacle with a sound beacon will be placed at the left boundary of the relief area. Guide dog users are expected to clean up after their dogs and to furnish their own clean-up bags. If you have forgotten, spare bags will be available at the front desk.


Locating the Convention registration Desk


Exiting the elevators, walk 78 feet forward, west, across the lobby to the bottom of a wide 5 step stairway which divides the upper and lower areas of the lobby. The registration desk will be located on your right at the bottom of the stairway which leads up toward the Crown Ballroom.

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