2014 Election and Candidates’ Forum

By George S. Holliday, Chair


The 2014 Pennsylvania Council of the Blind’s 79th annual State Convention and Conference will be held the weekend of October 16 – 19, 2014, at the Holiday Inn in downtown Johnstown. It is time to start thinking about the election of our future leadership. This year the four board positions currently held by Joseph Fagnani, Rosemary Martin, Jacqueline Wissinger and Thomas Reid are up for election.

The Candidates’ Forum will be held during the Friday afternoon general session. At that time you will hear from fellow PCB members about why they are seeking one of the positions. The elections will be held during the Saturday afternoon session.


If you are interested in one of these positions, submit your name to the chair of the Nominating Committee no later than Monday, September 1, 2014, along with a bio and an explanation of why you would like to hold the position. All candidate information should be sent via email to george.holliday@comcast.net or communicated via phone at 215-796-9813. Anyone who wishes to run for a position but cannot make it to the convention may have someone speak on his/her behalf at the Candidates’ Forum. Please read below to learn about the processes for candidacy including qualifications for candidates for the PCB Board of Directors, structure of candidate’s bio, and guidelines for the Candidates’ Forum.


Processes for Candidacy

I. Qualifications for Candidates for the PCB Board of Directors

A. Background of candidate

    1. Some degree of experience in advocacy activity

    2. Ability to participate on and chair a committee

    3. Time available to work on one or more PCB committees

B. Preferred qualifications

    1. Experience on one or more PCB committees

    2. Demonstrated leadership qualities

    3. Ability to communicate via email/have basic technology skills

    4. History of membership in the American Council of the Blind

C. Expectations of board members

    1. Attendance at all meetings of the PCB Board of Directors with the exception only of medical or other compelling reason

    2. Responsible in attendance at all meetings for which the board member is chair with the exception only of medical or other compelling reason

    3. Attendance at least a majority of the meetings of a committee on which the board member serves

    4. Committee chairs will be responsible for submitting a committee report two weeks prior to each board meeting.

    5. Board members shall read all submitted committee reports prior to the board meeting.


II. Candidate’s bio shall be no more than 250 words and shall be submitted to the chair of the PCB Nominating Committee no later than September 1, 2014. Bios of the selected slate will be posted to PCB members through various PCB public postings. Anyone who sent in a bio who was not selected for the slate may post his/her bio to the pcb-l and pcb-leadership listservs. Candidate bios shall include the following:

A. Advocacy participation/experience

B. Past or present participation on a PCB committee

C. Reason for desiring a position on the PCB Board of Directors

III. Guidelines for the Candidates’ Forum

A. Anyone who submitted a bio to the PCB Nominating Committee according to the prescribed content and deadline may participate in the Candidates’ Forum if the chair of the Nominating Committee is notified of this desire no less than one hour prior to the forum.

B. Each candidate for the board will be given the same set of questions. During the forum a candidate will present an answer to the one mandatory question, and the candidate shall choose one other question to answer in the allotted time.

IV. Questions for Candidates for the Board of Directors

Prepared answers shall be presented at the Candidates’ Forum within a three minute time limit.

Questions for candidates for the board of directors of the PCB will be distributed once the slate has been chosen.

Note: To contact the chair of the Nominating Committee or to submit your bio, email george.holliday@comcast.net

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